Across Ontario

Our organization is comprised of trusted towing service providers from every corner of the province. Please use the tool below to find the one closest to you.

#7 Auto Plaza

24 Hrs SSR Auto Towing Inc.

A Action Towing and Recovery Inc.

A Towing Service Ltd.

A.M.- P.M. Towing & Recovery Inc.

ABC Towing

ACC Towing

AZ Towing

Able Regional Towing and Recovery

Abrams Towing Services

Aces Heavy Towing

Action Towing & Automotive

Active Towing

Albert & Sons Towing

All Area Towing Inc

All Star Auto (2006)

Allan's Garage (1992) Inc.

Alpine Towing & Storage

Andy's 24 Hour Towing Ltd.

Apple Hill Towing

Art McCaffrey's Garage & Towing Ltd

Automotion Towing

B & B Towing / 1359768 ONT Inc.

B & D Auto

B & G Enterprises o/a 884262 Ontario Inc.

B in A Towing

Baker Heavy Towing Inc.

Bancroft Towing & Recovery

Banwell Towing Ltd.

Barrie Towing

Barry's Service Center

Bartlett's Towing & Recovery

Beau's Autoeverything

Becker Bros. Towing

Best Towing

Bidwell's Towing & Radiator Service

Bill's Towing & Recovery

Bluewater Towing

Bob's Service Centre

Bob's Towing / 1148362 Ontario Ltd

Bob's Towing / Jim's Towing

Bobs & Brooks Towing

Boyuk Towing

Brian's Towing.

Brockville Towing Service 2012 LTD.

Bruce & Rick's Towing Inc.

Bruneau's Travel Centre Ltd.

Buehler Automotive & Transmission

C.A. Towing

CH & R Towing Inc

Cambridge Towing & Float Services Ltd.

Cardinal Towing Inc.

Chadwick's Towing and Repairs Inc

Chambers Towing

Classic Towing

Co-up Towing (2015) Ltd.

Coco's Towing


Constable Towing & Recovery Inc.

Cottage Country Towing & Recovery

County Towing Inc.

Cozy Corner Service Inc.

D & L Towing Inc

D and A Towing and Storage

DH Towing and Recovery Inc

Dan's Recovery & Towing Service Inc

Dans Towing & Boosting

Dans Towing & Recovery

Durante Auto Service & Towing

Durham Towing / 1169433 Ontario Inc

Edwards Towing & Recovery

En Route Towing & Recovery Inc.

Ennotville Garage

Express Towing and Recovery

Fast Roadside Services Inc

Fellows Towing

Frank's Heavy Towing Inc

Fraser's Towing & Tire Ltd.

Fred's 24 Hour Towing Inc.

Freeway Auto Service Inc.

G & W Jelly's Ltd.

Gary's Towing Equipment Express

Gervais Towing & Recovery

Glauer's Road & Field Services

Godbout Auto Services Inc.

Good Guys Inc.

Gravenhurst Towing & Recovery

Griffith Bros. Service Centre Ltd.

H Towing

Halton Peel Towing Ltd.

Halton Roadside Assistance

Hansen Towing

Hargraft Schofield LP

Harold Marcus Ltd

Hearst Central Garage Co. Ltd. (1468150 Inc Best Towing)

Herb's Towing

Holly Transportation Services Inc.

IB Towing Services Inc.

J K M Towing

J. A. Towing (Brampton) Limited

JD Towing o/a Jorge D Enterprises Ltd.

JP Towing Service and Storage Ltd

Jack's Towing Service Ltd.

Jenkins Towing Services Inc.

Jilesen's Service Centre

John Wright General Repairs Corp

John's Towing

K & K Towing & Automotive Repair

K&R Towing and Hauling

Kawatha Garage Ltd.

Kemptville Towing Service

Ken Weber's Service Ltd.

Ken's Code Yellow

King Towing

LaSalle Towing and Recovery

Larry's Towing (Trenton) Inc.

Les Tennant Towing

Lesperance Towing

Lewis Heavy Towing

Loughlin Motors

Loveday's Towing

Lucky's Towing Inc.

Lyons Auto Body Ltd.

Mark Jorgensen Towing

Martin Carriers Inc

McCracken Towing Inc.

McCullough's Service Centre

Menard Towing Inc.

Meneray Towing and Automotive

Metro Collision Services Inc.

Mike's Tow & Plus Inc.

Mikes Towing Hamilton

Myers Towing

Neumeister Motors LTD.

North Algonquin Towing & Recovery

Northern Import Auto Supply

Olympic Roadside

On The Move Towing

Pacific Towing and Recovery

Parry Sound Auto Wreckers

Pine Ridge Automotive & Towing

Pointe Au Baril Towing Ltd.

Powell Recovery

Preferred Towing

Queensway Tire Service Ltd

Quick's Towing and Wrecking

Ramson Towing

Redline Trucks Inc.

Redpath Towing Service

Rescue 51

Rick's Towing

Robbins Towing Inc.

Rosemont Towing

S & V Delta Towing & Recovery

SMC Towing Group

Safeway Towing Inc.

Scott's 24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance

Seguin Towing

Sharkey's Towing

Stapley Towing

T. G. Quirk Towing

Terry & Marsh's Towing

Tiger Towing and Heavy Recovery

Timmins Towing & Recovery 'o/a 2425958 Ontario Inc.

Tom James Towing

Tom Smith Towing & Recovery


Town & Country Towing Ltd.

Towtal Roadside Solutions Inc

TransCan Service Centre Ltd.

Twin Oaks Towing

Ultimate Towing

Unique Towing and Recovery

VIP Towing

Wallaceburg 24 Hour Towing

Wally's Garage/Alternative Tire & Towing

Waynes Tire Sales Inc.

West Guilford Towing & Recovery Ltd

Whitechurch Towing

Williams Towing Service Ltd.

Willson Towing

Wilson Towing

Woodstock Tire Service Ltd

York Auto Towing & Recovery

elliott motors of stratford inc

roadside rescue