Towing Bill of Rights

You have the right to decide who can tow your vehicle and to what location unless otherwise directed by police.

  • A permission to tow form must be signed before towing starts, unless you have an auto club membership.
  • The towing company must provide you with an itemized invoice, before receiving payment.
  • The final bill cannot be more than 10% above the quoted price.
  • If you choose, you can pay by credit card. During business hours, you can access your vehicle to get your personal items, while it’s stored at a towing facility.
  • A tow operator must notify you where your vehicle will be towed.
  • Tow operators must disclose if they are receiving a financial incentive for towing your vehicle to a particular vehicle storage facility or repair shop.

Tow Operators

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Our Mission

  • To gather, analyze and inform members of relevant news, conditions and information impacting the industry

  • To promote and encourage fair, courteous and ethical business practices by members of the Corporation with their customers, colleagues and members of the public

  • To develop and maintain a minimum standard of business skills to which all members will adhere

  • To maintain discipline among the members of the Corporation

  • To promote uniformity in usage, custom and trade conditions

  • To furnish means and facilities by which members of the Corporation may increase their knowledge, skill and efficiency in all things related to the business of towing and recovery of motor vehicles and incidental businesses

  • To make representations to all levels of government and agencies on behalf of the members of the Corporation respecting the enactment – repeal – administration of legislation and regulations affecting the business of towing and recovery of motor vehicles

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