We are thrilled to share the exciting news that our driverscreening.ca website is officially live!

Whether you're a member or non-member, you can explore the site to access valuable information.

We encourage you to share this announcement within your industry network to help us reach a wider audience.

Thank you for your continued support.

Here's an overview of the sign-up process:

  1. Members and non-members can view the pricing breakdown on the landing page (https://www.driverscreening.ca/ptao).
  2. Organizations interested in the program will scroll down and complete the contact form.
  3. An account will be created for members, and they will receive a discount code for member pricing.
  4. Member organizations are expected to share the discount code with their drivers.
  5. Drivers can then complete the checkout process and obtain their criminal record check online.
All participant organizations will require an account be setup prior to requesting the checks.