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Update to Ontario’s Maximum Rate Schedule – Clean-up fee

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Sent: Monday, June 17, 2024 11:18 AM
Subject: Update to Ontario’s Maximum Rate Schedule – Clean-up fee

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We are writing with an update on Ontario’s Maximum Rate Schedule for towing.

Effective June 14, 2024,  clean-up fees have been added to the Maximum Rate Schedule under basic towing (amendment to Ontario Regulation 162/23 – Charges for Towing and Vehicle Storage Services) as promised in the ministry’s May 17 update letter. This new rate item is labelled “Towing – Clearing debris.”

Clearing debris is defined as “the necessary labour at a basic towing scene to clear debris and fluids to restore the condition of the roadway, including the application of cleaning materials, and the use of hand tools and portable power tools, determined by the amount of time the person spends performing this work.” This hourly rate is calculated for each 15-minute period or part.

To begin charging a clean-up fee, you need to update your Maximum Rate Schedule via the self-service portal. We have attached a guide for updating rates to this email.

To ensure you can charge clean-up fees as soon as possible, we developed a one-time exception to the 30-day hold period for updated rates schedules if you submit before August 1, 2024. Please note, new rates may take 3 to 5 business days to take effect. You can review the status of your rates through the self-service portal.

It is a requirement for tow and vehicle storage operators to submit their maximum rates to the ministry. Tow truck drivers and tow truck operators must also provide a copy of their current Maximum Rate Schedule to customers when requesting consent to tow.

For more information about towing and vehicle storage, please visit:

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