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Nearly all trades have a parent Association to handle outside influences and set proper operational standards. It is easier for an Association to deal with Government and others when it comes to regulations and other important issues as they arise. An Association of like minded people is not only good for the members but good for the trade as well. The Towing Industry can be a lonely business and it’s easy to feel isolated. Even hardened tow operators are at the mercy of outside influences and competitive situations, and the ability to seek advice at short notice could be a life saver. Or you may just need advice on how to tackle a new problem. By joining an Association of Tow Operators, you’re no longer alone and can easily call on the invaluable experience of others. At least that’s the motivation of many for joining a professional organization, but with so many free forums offering advice, professional organizations need to offer more than just an opportunity for exchanging ideas. Professional Tow Companies and suppliers to the towing industry have a real need to support an Association to help carry their message to the government and address industry issues as they present themselves.

There are currently two large organizations in Ontario and one National Association in Canada for Professional Tow Operators: the Ontario Recovery Group (ORG Inc) for Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery and the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario Inc. (PTAO) for Light and Medium Duty Towing & Recovery and the Towing & Recovery Alliance of Canada (TRAC) for everyone as the National Association dealing with Federal issues. All of these organizations aim to improve the industry and ultimately your standard of living. On the surface both would seem to offer identical services, but there’s subtle differences between the three which may make one or more organizations more suited to you. Just as importantly, are any of the organizations for you?

If you are a serious Tow Company with the good of the industry, your fellow operators, the public and your lot in life you are certainly best to belong to one or more. It is important that you support the Association that is working for you and it is the only way your voice will be heard.

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